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ADHD/Executive Functioning

Executive skills are crucial for success in school and life. Organizing, planning, goal-setting, initiating tasks, and persisting until task completion are just a few important executive skills. These skills develop over time, from birth through early adulthood. But significant weaknesses persist for some, including people  with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).But the good news is that explicit instruction and focused practice can dramatically improve executive skills and performance for students of all ages.

Dr. Leber offers coaching and instruction that targets executive skills critical for school success. First, through a structured interview and questionnaires, students find their areas of strength and challenge. They gain perspective on what they do and how they think. This self-understanding helps students in many ways. For example, they begin to see how poor executive skills affect their learning snd school success. They also learn how to improve performance. For example, they may build newways to organize their study, prepare for tests, and monitor their progress towards specific school goals. They may also make specific chsnges to their study environments, including where and when they do they their work. Especially with older students, they learn how to help teachers (and parents) give them the support they need for success.

Next, we help stiudents identify a small number of specific problems that most interfere with their school success. Together we select and practice specific strategies to address these problems. As students apply the strategies, we observe progress and make changes as necessary. Through this process, students practice setting goals and monitoring their performance. They learn to be active agents in their own development. They also gain tangible evidence of their positive growth and change.