We all know how RPGs constantly give us rich storylines mixed with character and equipment customization, thus putting them on most of the top genres of games.

# 1: Fable III

The third installment in the Fable series, Fable 3 is arguably one of the epic genre’s best PC RPGs.

This third installment has cool features like fast-paced action, intense combat with weapons, and even hand-to-hand and magical powers.

The game is set as the player. You’re a part of the royal family, either as a woman or a man. Your mission is to kill the evil tyrant, King Logan, the ruler of Albion, who happens to be your brother.

You must live the kingdom and go into the wilderness, passing through secret passages and dimensions. Along you will go and seek help from nomadic mountain dwellers, some soldiers from the King’s Army, and several others.

Then after forming an army needed for a revolution, along the line, in the wilderness, you will discover a greater evil in the Crawler, who is one of the forces of darkness that wants to destroy the whole of Albion.

Once you capture the King, then a new game start. Your success after killing the King relies on the decisions you make as the Leader. You are left with what to do with Logan and how to lead and protect Albion from the Crawler.

Fable III is an immense and well-detailed open-world game with a lot of indescribable experience. It is worth the time spent on it.

# 2:The Elder Scroll V: Skyrim

This game has established itself to be a force since its launch in 2011. It has stayed relevant and stood the test of time by being able to keep gamers playing it despite the emergence of new ones, many thanks to mods and different console commands.

It has a very infectious atmosphere with the best musical theme of any videogame you can think of.

Skyrim forces you to unravel every narrative, be it battling gargantuan dragons on top of the Throat of the World while its frosted mountain peaks cut through the sky or just responding to the chime of the Nirnroot plant by the river bank.

The developers have made it such that you don’t get to miss any location. You will always eventually notice a previously unexplored point of interest before the end of a session.

There are also side distractions like dungeon crawls and quests, which you will come across as you play.

This game offers you a fascinating fantasy tale and satisfying freedom of choice.

# 3: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

This one is built upon the previous installment to introduce a vast open-world filled with monsters and evil humans. There is also a great improvement in the combat styles with the streamlining of alchemy and tightening of crafting, giving it a serious war atmosphere.

It also focuses on other aspects of the real world by also challenging topics like racism and bigotry.

Each quest draws you deeper into the whole drama of what is happening as you know more about the war-torn lands and the people.

As easy as a quest might look, for example, you as the player Geralt being sent to kill a monster, it can become so messy with consequence-laden stories that might get you stuck with the game for several hours.

Moving around the complex, dark fantasy world is cool, even though it can be frustrating sometimes because of its oppressive nature. And just so you know, every little action of yours in this game has consequences.

The developers have also done an excellent job by not loading the game like a usual RPG—no inane collectibles or quests to kill an infinite number of monsters.

Every quest has a mission, a reward, and a back story to unravel. The funny thing is the smallest of them might take you several hours to complete.

The Witcher 3 is a game I highly recommend because of its immersive nature. It’s worth one’s time.

And if you love mods, there are a lot out there to give you a customized experience. Watch out for The Witcher 4.

# 4: Dablo III

Dablo III is one of the best RPGs that offer you different roles with various skills for different play advantages.

One minute you are a barbarian, and the next, you are a witch doctor or necromancer calling out the dead.

This third installment changed the game for the Dablo franchise by introducing fast slash and hack action to the role-playing experience.

In this game, the protective Worldstone that keeps dark forces away from a particular Sanctuary has been destroyed.

Two decades have gone by; a new set of heroes must get back the legendary Black Soulstone forged by a warlock named Zltan Kulle and destroy it. The stone is meant to entrap the souls of the seven Lords of Hell.

You can choose from different roles: barbarians, witch doctors, wizards, monks, necromancers, crusaders, and demon hunters.

You will engage in fierce combats and add to your wares as you loot gears and trade with other players. The more swords, capes, and other weapons you collect, the higher your status as you defend the Sanctuary from demons and other dark forces.

# 5: Pillars of Eternity


These RPGs are not just good but quite different from others. It brings out the best parts of old games by using the Infinity Engine like Baldur’s Gate and Planescape: Torment while still creating its lane with a compelling fantasy yarn and a well-detailed original world.

This is one of Obsidian Entertainment’s most successful games, despite having issues with turning their beautiful writings into a polished adventure over the past few years.

They paid attention to every aspect of the game, no matter how little it is. The game has several options, just like any other massive RPGs, and enough characters.

Religion, class warfare, philosophy, and the world of Eora are overtaken by conflict and crises. In every region on the map, problems are waiting for nosey adventurers.

And even the most seemingly boring quests can give you an idea of what to expect in the world or the chance to create a reputation, good or bad.

Obsidian took a different route this time by not exploiting the popularity of its spiritual predecessors and chose to work on an experience that doesn’t care about nostalgia before you can feel the impact.

It’s a solid move forward for this type of RPGs, and the overall experience is one that reminds one more of the tabletop RPGs than many of those rooted in D&D.

Pillars of Eternity 2 might not be an exact sequel to its predecessors, but it has surely not lost its originality.

# 6: Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

Another MMORPG, one of the best RPGs for PC in this format, has the largest ongoing open worlds to explore at will.

You get to team up with others and then go on epic quests with a well-detailed back story. You also get to build your own character with a variety of design choices, and then you start to earn experience points as you step up as you conquer quests, destroy monsters, and engage other players.

On landing on the planet Hydaelyn in the land of Eorzea, you first choose the city to explore. Then you will be taken on a ride to that city, during which you will have a scary vision. Then, you must acquire skills to compete with the Warriors of Light you will encounter soon.

Each quest takes you to a new plot twist and developments that will catch you off guard. As you play, your character develops up to a level where you can save Norvrandt, a land overtaken by endless light that has given birth to gruesome monsters there. As you develop into the new warrior of darkness, you destroy the light and save Norvrandt.

The game gives a lot of freedom with several hours of exploration, interaction with other gamers and NPCs, main quests, side quests, and other cool activities.

# 7: Mass Effect 2

Mass Effect 2 is a combination of fiction and space games. Produced by Bioware, this game features the discovery and pseudo-science of Star Trek, the film action of Battlestar Galactica, and the fantastic elements of Star Wars.

They combined all these to give us a tense game with a suicidal mission to take over the galaxy.

The game puts human beings as the aliens in the galactic community planning to take the space from the owners. You, as the player, Commander Shepard, a great soldier, lead the way.

The character of Commander Shepard depends on what your view of leadership is. You can make him or her a glory-driven hero, a cruel, narcissistic soldier, or someone of virtue that loves all races.

It features dramatic set-pieces and skillful squad-based combat.

# 8: Divinity: Original Sin 2

Original Sin 2 is no different from its original.

Divinity: Original Sin 2 is a different breed of RPGs as it has another two genres of games; the online arena battler and the tabletop-style adventure enabler.

The idea here is to get you totally immersed in a detailed world with intriguing features. It completely outdoes most modern RPGs that leave you with just basic choices.

The game allows you to design your hero, and you can choose from the six unique origin characters, from the arrogant lizard to the Red Prince.

The gameplay is, however, brutal and unforgiving. You need to be able to navigate the terrain to gain an edge over your opponents during combat. And be ready for some smacking if you fail to use these advantages to beat your opponent.

Mind you, every decision you make in this game has consequences.

# 9: Runescape

Runescape is an MMORPG and has one of the largest online communities.

It is an extremely massive open-world game with frequent updates to give you new things to experience.

As a gamer, you can customize your avatar and then move into the medieval world of Gielinor. You will then go ahead to explore many kingdoms, sail to different regions, stroll through ancient cities, and most importantly, meet many other players as well as non-player characters.

While in Gielinor, you acquire skills and look for raw materials. Furthermore, you prepare yourself for battle by improving your combat skills and other life skills like mining, fishing, swordsmanship, and even magical powers.

What you do there depends on your choice. You can be a warrior and hunt mystical monsters or live a low-key life and build a homestead.

You can compete with other players in games, quests, combat, or team up and play collaboratively to slay the most gruesome and deadly monsters.

More freedom can be seen in the quests as you can set your own goals without having to depend on a preset backstory.

And as a new player, you can seek help by meeting advisors in each town for information and begin to gain skills, trade, and chat with other players through their avatars.

The game is not entirely free as you have to pay to access many puzzle-like adventure quests.

# 10: Dark Souls

Dark Souls is a masochist’s PC RPGs.  It is basically a cruel, relentless fight through a horrible, dying land. Any little misreading of your opponent can get you killed instantly. As a matter of fact, the ‘You Died” screen will become very familiar to your eyes before winning a battle.

This can be annoying and exhausting. But the best part is that every win will matter to you because you would have gone through a lot to get that win.

This would then equip you with more experience and power to face the next even harder challenges.

The game gives you the freedom to develop your character as you deem fit. And also, the top-notch design of the opponents in all ramifications is quite impressive.

Despite having a retro game design, which cut across the whole game, this game doesn’t seem to be simple in any way. It has a complexity similar to games with new designs.

There are also various weapons and armor which, gives you a different feel as each of them is being used. The rate and flow of battle are different with different weapons and armory.

And if you are very adventurous and daring, there a lot of cornucopia of trinkets and magical stuff hidden away in long-forgotten tombs and suburbs of the cities.

Honorary mentions include:


Disco Elysium

Torment: Tides of Numenera

Fallout: New Vegas

Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines

Baldur’s Gate II: Shadows of Amn

Star-Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II

Shadowrun: Hong Kong

(List Created By Gaming Pushpins)