Amazon is offering an affiliate marketing program, which is undoubtedly the world’s biggest of its kind of affiliate program.  This program is known as Amazon Associates Program, and its main objective is to facilitate content creators to earn money from the visitors of their platforms.

The idea behind this is very simple and based on establishing connections that route the traffic to the recommended products’ ads. They can earn on purchases and programs that people signed for.

Affiliate Marketing

An Overview Of The Procedure

1st Step – Make an Account

Firstly you need to make an account with Amazon. This way, you will be a part of the team of thousands of other content creators under Amazon’s Associate’s program.

2nd Step –Recommendation

Once the account has been created, you need to share Amazon’s products with the traffic of your platform. There is a custom-made tool for everyone as per the platform requirement.  For example, linking-tool for a blog is different from the one for a website.

3rd Step – Start Earning

For every successful purchase, Amazon will give you a commission as high as 10% of the price, and due to the excellent conversation rates, everyone can earn a handsome sum.

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A Detailed explanation of Amazon Affiliate Associate

The “Amazon Associates” affiliate scheme may be a simple way of making money from the site or blog. Only sign up, get instant approval, and put Amazon associate links today on your blog. If you buy an Amazon from one of your links, you get the commission — it’s convenient.

Amazon’s affiliate marketing program, “Amazon’s Associates,” is a convenient way of earning through your website. It is just like Google Ads, but Amazon made it relatively easy even amateurs can benefit from it.

Further in this article, you can find a complete guide on starting working on this program.

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What is the Amazon’s Affiliate Marketing Program?

Well, it is a practical example of affiliate marketing introduced by Amazon.  They offer it free for the platform owners so that they can become Amazon’s associates. On every qualified amazon purchase through the Ad placed on the associate’s website, the associate will earn in the form of referral commission.


Directions and Necessities

Although this is a great way to add to your income stream, Amazon has the policy to be followed by the associates. It is crucial to understand the guidelines. Remember – any non-compliant act means Amazon will ban you from this program.

Overall, these rules are beneficial for the associates’ community because it drives ethical advertising on the websites and forbids the associates to milk the system.

We are enlisting some of the essential rules:

  1. It would be best to tell your visitors that you would be earning from these Amzaon’s products/programs recommendations.
  2. Do not exaggerate anything about the product or service in the referrals.
  3. Since prices are fluctuating, you need to avoid making a recommendation based on a price.
  4. You can only place links on your website, and the link should not be promoted or placed in any offline campaign such as email marketing.
  5. No matter what, you can’t do link-shortening for referral links.


Detailed Guide To Use Amazon’s Associate Program

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1. Establish An Online Platform:

The pre-requisite is to have an active online platform; it could be a website, a blog, or a channel on YouTube. To drive traffic and to show amazon that it is active, it is highly recommended that you should populate your platform with genuine content before signing up for the associate’s program.

As a part of your application, you need to inform Amazon of the purpose of your platform, so you should be aware of the use of your website and your target audience.

2. Make An Account On Amazon Associate’s Website 

Click on the Sign-up option on the Amazon associate’s website. You can also log in from this page if you already have an account.

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Information required to create an account:

  1. Basic information about the user
    Telephone Number
  2. Enter the URL of your platform


3.   Choose Your Store ID

You need to enter your store ID as a next step; it can be the name of your platform. At this stage, you need to tell amazon the ideology of your platform and your goal about it, and lastly, you are required to select from the topics you will target through the links.

4.   Explain How You Will Attract People To Your Site

You need to tell Amazon about your strategies and method of attracting traffic. It is advised to inform them of your revenue generation mechanism and expected visitors per month.

5. Select Payment Mode

You can share your payment and tax information now at this stage, or you can defer it for later.  After this, you will move to the dashboard creation step.

6. Dashboard

Amazon will route you to your personalized dashboard. This dashboard is quite extensive and generates reports about your earnings, clicks, etc. You can check summaries and periodic reports of these metrics. This dashboard can also guide you about new products that can work as productive referrals.

Guidelines on Amazon’s Link Building

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1.   Login To Your Account

Your associate’s account is the place where you can do everything.  To create a link, you need to log in to your account. This is also important because it ensures that your link is interlinked with your account only.

2. Hit On Product Linking

In your account on the top banner, you need to click on Product Linking and choose product links.  You will land on a page from where you can create a link

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3. Add The Unique Product Number

Every amazon product has a unique product code known as ASIN, which stands for Amazon Standard Identification Number. It has ten characters and has both alphabets and numbers. It is mentioned in the product details.

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4. Ready To Go

After adding ASIN, you need to click on the Go option, showing the result. You need to re-verify that the correct product is generated.

5. Get Your Link

On the extreme right, there is an option of getting the link. Click on that, and you will get the link copied to the clipboard. Now, you can use this in your advertising.

6.  Alternate Link Generation

There is another way to get your Affiliate link. When you are logged in through your associate account, you will view the SiteStripe bar at the top of the product pages. Click on the Text option, a pop-up will appear, and you can copy the generated link from there.

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Start Link-Building

Now you can start using the link on your platforms as per the Amazon guidelines. You can create a promotional campaign and embed these referral links into it.

Amazon will take almost 180 days to approve your account, and during this period, you need to have at least one sale otherwise, Amazon will close your account. You can constantly re-apply if they closed your account, but there is no way forward to it if they banned you.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Amazon Associate’s program

It may sound very attractive that you can earn by simple link-building, but you need to consider certain protocols and factors before opting for it. Here we will discuss specific merits and demerits:

·         Becoming an Amazon associate is a no-brainer. You just need to sign up and follow the procedure as described above.
·         Amazon is an established brand name, and almost everyone is familiar with it? So, you don’t need to convince the buyer about authenticity.
·         There are billions of products to sell, and there are so many programs and services as well. So the chances of having a link-minded product for your target audience are very high.
·         Not only on the linked products, but you get a commission on everything that your traffic will buy from Amazon within 24 hours when you route them through your platform. You can earn the up-selling commission without actually doing it.
·         Although Amazon promises up to 10 percent commission, it is very low in many categories. For example, you will only get 1 percent on a gaming console.
·         SOPs of Amazon’s associate program are very difficult to understand, and they update it very quickly. So the chances of getting banned due to non-compliant are very high.
·         Since the program is to help beginners with a side income; it is also very difficult for them to have a well-populated platform with sizeable traffic.

Strategies to Reap the Fruit from Associate’s Program

1. Targeting Niche

The key is the selection of a niche part of the eCommerce market. It is pretty challenging to target a niche with low competition, but it has high profits.  The best thing is to target an area about which you have the relevant knowledge and interest.  It will be simpler to create fresh and relevant content about the area of your interest.

For example, if you are interested in beauty, you can create a blog around it and choose products from this category. This way, the best combination of affiliated marketing will be made. The ideal content is focused on the reviews about the product or service of Amazon.

Selecting a topic outside of your interest will be very difficult because you will probably struggle in creating a compelling piece. However, mere choosing a topic of your interest is not enough. It would be best if you worked on optimizing also. The best is to do some research on the niche you are tapping into.

2.  Original and Fresh Content

You can also promote Amazon products via social media, including Facebook and YouTube, but the best practice is to write about it in the form of blogs. There are many other methods as well for promoting Amazon products.

Instead of direct reviewing a product, you can also write about top picks in the class and declare your product as the first or second best.

Alternatively, you can create a product guide or tutorials.  You can write to demonstrate your product as a solution to specific problems, for example, how to ease your life by using a robotic  (Robot Mop), etc.

The basic rule of optimization is to offer fresh and regular content. You can test the product yourself and share the story or add reviews of other people you are using it. This will not only engaging but also very useful for the potential buyer.

3. Optimization

Commonly, traffic to the related blog or web comes from the searches about the product, so it is feasible to use product names or product-related URLs. For example, in “Review about the latest play station console model 2021,” You can use the model number, brand name, category, etc.

4. Usage of a Link-Localizer

The function of the link-localizer is to route the visitor from a specific country to a particular website. For example, if you have a visitor from England on your website and he clicks on the link, he will be redirected to  Using a link-localizer is essential because you will not get any commission on the foreign traffic you are bringing for Amazon without it.


The Million Dollars Question – Is Amazon Associate Program for me?

If truth to be told, the only person who can answer this question is YOU. If you are lucky enough and you have the content and traffic on your platform, you can start earning just now by adding links to it. Besides that, if you plan to earn merely through Amazon affiliate marketing and create a platform to fulfill its criteria only, then the procedure is a bit long and nerve-racking. If you completed a niche, your chances of earning in a short period are still bright.