What comes to mind when you hear Best Business Simulation Games? Do you imagine a game filled with financial phrases and pretty graphs, or maybe an analytical game about business strategy?

Read this article to learn about business simulation games and the list of the best business simulation games to play.

The field of computer games has exploded in recent years. Perhaps the most remarkable growth has been in business simulations, which have recently dominated the top-selling software lists.

These games aren’t alone in their popularity. The Internet is flooded with community sites that bring together persons with various interests and skills, including business simulation enthusiasts.

The difference is that these sites and games aren’t limited to a single community. Business simulation players find themselves exploring the exciting possibilities of trading, both simulated and real-world, as well as learning financial markets and management skills.

Business simulations offer an environment where the player can create their business ventures without any risk.

What are Business Simulation Games?

Business Simulation games simulate real business situations, including staff management, marketing strategies, and production. The primary aim is to run a successful company or anything through various challenges. These are some of the critical elements of running an actual business.

A good business simulation game will allow the player to make the right decisions and manage their production. It will help in marketing and staff through a simulated economy. Players can also operate their business in a virtual environment.

We will study some of the best Business Simulation games, their features, and what makes them so unique.

Top Best Business Simulation Games List

Following are some of the best picks for the best business simulation games for you. The majority of these titles are free to play, and some with in-app purchases.

Brace yourself!

These games might make you go bankrupt if you’re not careful enough. But when you get familiar with it, they can be entertaining to play!

1.     Dawn of Discovery

Dawn of Discovery (also known as Dawn of Discovery: Venice Expansion) is a popular game by developer Tilting Point. It’s the sequel to Dawn of Discovery: Gold Edition, which has over 15 million downloads. A Free play is a game that mixes city-building and management with role-playing elements.

2.     Entrepreneur Tycoon Series – Develop Your Empire!  

Entrepreneur Tycoon Series is a business simulation game with role-playing elements. Start from scratch and build an empire of your own by managing every aspect of your company, such as hiring employees, keeping them happy, training, developing new technologies, etc.

3.     Virtual Boss – Be The Ultimate CEO!

Virtual Boss is a management simulation game where you play the role of the CEO. You have to hire and fire employees, research new technologies, and more. This is a fun yet straightforward business sim game.

4.     Roller Coaster Tycoon Classic

Roller Coaster Tycoon Classic brings back all the good memories of the Roller Coaster Tycoon games. Build your theme park and manage all aspects of it, such as hiring staff, planning out new rides and attractions, keeping visitors happy, etc.

5.     MachiaVillain

Build and manage your very own haunted hotel in MachiaVillain! Keep your guests entertained while trying to stay alive and out of the hands of ghosts with the MachiaVillain game. Also, develop new technologies and more.

6.     Prison Architect

Prison Architect is another business simulation game. Build and manage your maximum-security prison. You’ll need to hire staff, provide jobs for the prisoners, keep them happy by making fun facilities, prevent escapes, and more! A very addicting title that might leave you with an empty wallet if you’re not careful enough…

7.     Rise of Industry 

Rise of Industry, by Kasedo Games, is a business simulation game that will see you managing your own transport company. It’s the perfect mix between Transport Tycoon and Capitalism Lab. A must-play for all fans of business management games!

8.     Sim Companies

Sim Companies is a free-to-play strategic tycoon game. This one of the best business simulation games will see you managing your own virtual company. Build the perfect headquarters, hire employees, get contracts and expand your business until it becomes one of the best economic powers to watch! An ideal game by Hashplay Inc.

9. Cities: Skylines

The next great city builder for Android puts you in charge of constructing and maintaining roads, transportation hubs, zoning areas, police stations, schools, power plants, and more. It’s up to you to manage your resources wisely and ensure that your inhabitants are happy with their lives!

10. Two Point Hospital 

The spiritual successor to Theme Hospital, the Two Point Hospital game is one of the most fun business simulations around, with plenty of content for you to delve into.

11. Game Dev Tycoon 

Game Dev Tycoon is one of the best business simulation games that take you back to the golden age of gaming. As a player, you have to run your own software company, create great games and rake in as much cash as possible. It’s fun, addicting, and puts the “tycoon” in business simulation!

12. Transport Fever 2

Transport Fever 2 is among the best business simulation games. It has transportation and logistics tycoons around. Build railways, airports, and seaports to keep your cargo and passengers moving through your city! The game uses a relatively straightforward strategy that will quickly get you hooked into its mechanics.

13. Horse Haven Adventure

You already know a lot about Pokemon Go, but did you know that similar games are available on Android? Horse Haven Adventure is a free-to-play tycoon game where you get to take care of and breed horses. You can even compete in equestrian events such as dressage and show jumping!

14. Youtubers Life 

Manage your own Youtuber business in this fun little tycoon game. Host videos, do product endorsements, buy new equipment and expand your fan base against other aspiring young entrepreneurs!

15. Build-a-lot

This one’s a classic from the early days of Android gaming. You have to build houses, hotels, stores, and various other buildings to attract wealthy citizens. These citizens will then move into your town and allow you to generate income.

16. OpenTTD 

Open Transport Tycoon Deluxe is a classic business simulation game where you have to build railways, airports, and seaports to create a successful transport company! You can either play single-player or multiplayer modes, and there are various maps available for you to try out.

17. Capitalism II

Manage your own business in this classic tycoon game. Capitalism II is all about money; you will play it to become rich and buy bigger and better businesses. You can build up a small grocery shop into a large corporation that puts other companies out of business!

18. Planet Zoo Tycoon

This one’s a zoo tycoon game where you breed different animals and create your private safari park. You can either do it for pure entertainment or use the money acquired from the park to fund scientific research!


If you love to play some exciting simulation games, then check out these business simulation games. They are some of the best business simulation games on the market!


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