Digital marketing trends are a look at digital marketing from a high level.

With the constantly growing market of internet users, digital marketing is set to grow further. Learn about digital marketing trends to stay ahead in digital marketing.

Digital marketing is one of the fastest-growing and evolving industries. No wonder – it’s a must for organizations to grow, and also digital marketers/service providers are the need of the hour.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the digital representation of promoting your content for you. Digital marketing takes place across digital channels such as search engines, social networks, and websites.

In digital marketing, digital marketers use digital technologies to create digital experiences that promote brands. They build audience engagement and drive online sales.

Importance of Digital Marketing

Essentially, digital marketing is marketing through a digital medium. Digital, means information and technology, plays a crucial role in digital marketing.

Marketing through digital media can be defined as interactive communication between the consumer and the business.

Digital marketing is helpful for businesses, and digital helps build long-lasting relationships between brand and end-user. It has empowered digital media with the ability to make the world a small place. It helps a company identify its targeted customers and provides them with customized products and services.


Benefits of Digital Marketing:

1. Cost-Effective

Digital marketing is cost-effective than traditional methods of marketing. It provides businesses with more accurate data about the customers. Also, it allows them to analyze the requirements of the targeted market/audience.

2. Marketing Strategy

Digital media plays a significant role in building digital marketing strategies for companies. They can get various ideas about new products, platform development, product performance evaluation, etc.,

3. Availability of Customer Data

Customers are just one click away from your business which gives you an upper hand in establishing trust between you and your end-users. With digital media, the world has become a small place where brands communicate directly with their targeted audience in real-time. That is through online platforms such as web blogs, email newsletters, online exhibitions, social networking sites, etc.

4. Better Communication

Digital marketing offers better communication between businesses and customers. It makes immediate interaction possible without any time gap.

5. Brand Promotion

Brand promotion is the main benefit of digital media marketing. Companies promote their brand name through various promotional channels such as social networking, electronic business cards, QR cQ.R.e generation, logos in the form of small digital images, etc. It is allowing end-users to be connected with your brand at all times. Digital branding helps promote a product to the targeted audience and communicate with them regularly.

Digital Marketing Trends

How Digital Marketing Works?

In general digital marketing works by going online and making your brand available on different platforms. These are accessible easily via search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo. These marketers utilize digital media to reach out audience to them aware of the company’s presence.

Types of Digital Marketing Campaigns:

There are numerous types of digital marketing campaigns based on how they operate. One is digital marketing campaigns display advertising, also called banner ads. Paid search, also called PPC search engine optimization, digital marketers use these digital channels to promote their brand and reach out to the target audience. Digital marketing is not restricted to any single track and can be done across multiple channels.

Digital Marketing Trends

History of Digital Marketing:

Although digital marketing is relatively young, it is around since the beginnings of the digital revolution in the 1990s. Since its inception, digital marketing has seen continuous evolution. With the introduction of digital technology came digital marketing.

Evolution of Digital Marketing:

In the early ’90s, digital marketers were identified as digital service providers, digital web marketing companies, digital experts, digital agency digital marketers digital ad agencies. Digital marketing was a new field and a highly professionalized form of promoting brands built through digital channels.


As digital media grew initially, digital marketing was limited to web designers. The digital marketers were limited to small-scale digital service providers restricted to promotional campaigns for a big brand. It is now a separate job that involves all skill sets digital marketer’s work from creativity, content creation, social media managers graphic designers developers analysts tracking tools researchers it has become an entirely new job.

Digital Marketing Trends

The Present Of Digital Marketing:

Digital marketing is now a significant digital media source. The marketers use it to promote their brand and reach out to users with this type of marketing.

Business marketers work in collaboration with digital media. It has now become a digital economy where developers and digital managers are the key players.

Today web marketing companies and digital ad agencies are gaining importance in this new age where people are highly digital. Marketers have a significant role to play. Digital marketing is based on digital media.

Trends for online marketing

The Future Of Digital Marketing:

As digital platforms are getting more popular by the day, with people using them to search nearly every product or service, digital marketing is expected to grow faster.

Digital marketing works by going online and making your brand available on different platforms, accessed easily, mainly search engines. Marketers use digital media to reach out to their audience and make them aware of their digital presence.

This type of marketing is not limited to any solo channel. You can do all your digital marketing activities on a single platform or spread out across multiple platforms for broader coverage.

Over the following years, search engine marketing will continue to be essential for businesses. Digital marketers use SEO and PPC to drive traffic to their sites.

No wonder why this kind of marketing is the future of marketing.

Digital Marketing Trends

Digital Marketing Importance

Digital Marketing Trends 2017

  1. This kind of marketing going beyond digital channels to digital strategy
  2. Artificial Intelligence digital marketing would take a leap
  3. Digital service providers got the advantage of digital strategies
  4. Google would make digital marketers more digital
  5. The marketers were perhaps more trained and certified in a digital marketing course with up-to-date digital marketing trends. 

Marketing Trends

Digital Marketing Trends 2018

  1. AI wA.I. a Game Changer. It meant that digital marketers could create a level playing field.
  2. Differentiation through digital channels – the content was driving the growth.
  3. Digital marketers developed a more integrated approach to tackle complex challenges successfully.
  4. Personalization and big data Analytics for Targeting Customers
  5. Digital Sales: Chatbots and digital marketplaces – This is going to take off.
  6. The role of mobile in marketing – it’s critical for marketers to have a mobile strategy.

Marketing Trends

Digital Marketing Trends 2019

  1. Marketing Automation – Artificial Intelligence has been the buzzword for 2019.
  2. Brand Marketing Strategies – Marketers, have to focus on “Experience” Marketing.
  3. Micro-Moments – It’s the power of Semantic search. Marketers had to use semantic search strategies in 2019
  4. The Rise of DIGITAL-ASSISTANT – Artificial Intelligence is the future of Digital Marketing.
  5. Hyper Targeting for digital marketing – It’s all about location-based marketing.
  6. Video Marketing – Marketers have to use video as a digital strategy for their brand building & sales.
  7. Readymade websites – Ready-to-use digital marketing platforms are available for small business owners.

Digital Marketing Trends 2020

  1. Virtual and Real digital marketing integration that creates a positive customer experience.
  2. Blockchain digital marketing trends – There are significant opportunities for marketers to harness the power of Blockchain technology.
  3. Social media digital marketing trends – This is driving customer interactions and building digital strategies.
  4. Digital marketing trends 2020 towards a more interactive customer engagement.
  5. Marketing Analytics: Real-Time Predictive Analysis and Programmatic digital marketing
  6. Artificial Intelligence digital marketing technologies to be used aggressively
  7. Video AI dA.I.ital marketing trend, digital marketers will introduce video digital panels based on videos.

Digital Marketing Trends 2021

  1. The popularity of Social Media sites will continue to increase. For example, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn have a higher increase in page views for 2021 than 2016. In 2020, they increased by 81%, 88%, and 84%, respectively.
  2. Trends in the spectrum between professional and personal lives will blur; people will be more confident about sharing their personal lives on social media platforms that are viewed as a platform for increased networking opportunities.
  3. As wearable devices become increasingly popular, marketers will tap into this trend by integrating them into their digital marketing efforts.
  4. The use of chatbots will continue to gain popularity as this technology becomes more involved in the way consumers interact with websites and marketers interact with consumers.
  5. As internet speed becomes faster and technologies become more advanced, websites will load faster, which means that page loading times will no longer be a factor considered in consumer browsing.
  6. Consumer privacy will be a big concern in 2021. More personal data will be collected without the consumer’s knowledge, especially with the continued development of IoT devices such as Google Home and Amazon Echo, which record conversations and store them somewhere.
  7. One trend that marketers should keep an eye out for is “flying delivery drones,” where uncrewed aerial vehicles (UAV) deliver products directly to your doorstep within minutes after ordering online.
  8. The importance of mobile devices for consumers to search out products and compare prices will continue to increase. The marketers need to focus on creating compelling apps for consumers to access their websites through these devices.

Digital Marketing Trends 2022:

  1. As voice-activated assistants become more popular, the need for marketers to create an engaging cross-platform marketing strategy will be critical.
  2. The need for speed will make it necessary for websites to load quickly. So page loading times are no longer a factor in consumer browsing.
  3. More focus will place on utilizing big data to target consumers with pinpoint accuracy. That is by collecting information directly from IoT devices.
  4. As privacy policies become more complex, they will require annual legal audits. That is to ensure that marketers are not exceeding what has been outlined in these policy documents.
  5. People will focus more on location data and geotargeting. With the popularity of geofencing increasing, marketers will pay closer attention to targeting audiences with their marketing strategies.
  6. Young adults aged 18-25 years old will look for more personalized experiences from brands. This means that it’s vital for marketers to understand their consumers’ needs better and remain open to innovation and creating new ideas.
  7. In 2022, mobile devices will overtake desktops as the primary point of access to the internet. It means that websites must adjust accordingly by making sure that their mobile presence is easier to navigate and more user-friendly.
  8. Companies that need to reach global audiences will need to increase their international marketing efforts, especially in China, where mobile devices are becoming more popular for consumers to access the internet.
  9. The continued development of 5G networks may provide new opportunities for marketers to extend their products globally.

Digital Marketing Trends 2023:

  1. As the AI iA.I.ustry continues to grow, chatbots will become more intelligent. Further, being integrated with e-commerce platforms will play a more significant role in day-to-day customer service operations.
  2. The demand for personalized experiences from brands will increase, requiring marketers to understand their consumers better and remain open to new ideas and innovation.
  3. Even though many companies across the globe have already begun adopting 5G networks, it is expected that mobile devices connected to these high-speed internet connections will be more affordable for people worldwide due to government-subsidized programs.
  4. New technologies such as blockchain and cryptocurrency continue to develop, meaning marketers who understand how they work may benefit from these technologies.
  5. VR aV.R. AR sA.R.ategies for business and marketing will increase, which means that marketers must focus on creating content for these devices.
  6. Consumers who rely heavily on their mobile devices will expect brands to be available and accessible through these devices, which means that businesses must have a solid social media presence across all platforms.
  7. As more companies turn towards sustainability efforts, Digital Marketing Strategies will continue to play an essential role in promoting sustainable products and services to the public.
  8. As wearable technologies and other intelligent devices continue to grow, consumers will expect marketers to create innovative campaigns that integrate these devices into their marketing strategy.
  9. Marketers will need to take tremendous advantage of video content. Astonishingly, 85% of all internet traffic will come to this type of content by 2023.

Digital Marketing Trends 2024:

  1. Marketing campaigns that participate in charity events will continue to grow in popularity. More people will attract to companies that work to support the community.
  2. Companies will have more significant opportunities to engage with audiences globally. It is due to advancements in 5G, social media platforms, and wearable technologies.
  3. Consumers will prefer products advertised through video content. And, so marketers must focus on creating digital videos rather than traditional advertisements.
  4. Artificial intelligence-based marketing strategies will become ubiquitous across all industries. Especially manufacturing, where consumers expect brands to communicate directly with them about their latest developments or product releases.
  5. Small businesses will begin focusing on hiring influencers for Digital Marketing Campaigns instead of hiring professional marketers, which means that more influencers will gain access to these campaigns.
  6. The concept of native advertising will gain popularity in 2023, where marketers can create sponsored posts on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter instead of placing traditional banner advertisements all over the internet.
  7. With increased live streaming services across various devices, consumers will engage more with brands who actively participate in live chats or stream marketing events online.
  8. Marketers who manage their organizations will need to invest more time into Digital Marketing Campaigns since technology is constantly evolving, which means they will need to stay abreast with new trends and strategies.
  9.  As wearable technologies continue to grow in popularity, marketers will need to include wearable devices into their Digital Marketing Campaigns to reach the right audiences.


Digital Marketing Trends 2025:

  1. As virtual and augmented reality technologies continue to grow in popularity, marketers will begin to create interactive marketing campaigns that take advantage of these types of devices.
  2. Artificial intelligence will play a critical role in many industries such as manufacturing. Companies rely on technology like chatbots and machine learning systems for customer notifications and customer service.
  3. Consumers will prefer products advertised through video content to traditional advertisements. It means that brands focus their attention on creating digital videos rather than TV cT.V.mercials.
  4. The concept of native advertising will become widely accepted among consumers, especially those who do not mind engaging with sponsored social media posts from reputable brands.
  5. Marketers will need to pay more attention to their website’s A.I.A.I.tient, which measures how well a website or webpage can rank on search engines based on a particular set of keywords.
  6. As companies begin utilizing analytics for more advanced marketing campaigns, they will have more access to data from targeted customers than general consumer demographics.
  7. More brands will adopt marketing strategies that emphasize the benefits of their products rather than their features. It is since consumers are more likely to engage with practical advertising content instead of focusing on technicalities.
  8. More small business marketers will focus on hiring influencers for Digital Marketing Campaigns instead of professional marketers, which means more influencers will gain access to these campaigns and campaigns with higher budgets.
  9. As consumer privacy becomes a more significant concern, marketers will need to find ways to gain consumer trust. The goal is to ensure that their campaign is successful.

Digital Marketing


As a marketer, it is your responsibility to constantly stay up to date with Digital Marketing Trends. Remember, technology doesn’t stop evolving. Your job is to find new ways to apply these trends to your marketing campaigns to keep up with the changing times.

Remember that there are numerous different forms of digital marketing campaigns. You will have to brainstorm other ways to apply new trends to your overall marketing strategy. It is essential to focus on one direction and practice as many as possible to find the best ways to implement the right strategy into your Digital Marketing Campaigns.

It’s a good idea that you should do your research and identify the current trends before you start designing your next digital marketing campaign. It helps you determine if there is a chance to apply them to your next Digital Marketing Campaign. 

Keep in mind that when you are designing your next digital marketing campaign. It is essential to vary the types of trends you use from one drive to another to encourage customer engagement instead of becoming bored with the same kinds of trends. Online marketers have to keep their customers engaged and excited about what’s going on in their branding and marketing campaigns!

To stay abreast will all the ever-changing online business & marketing industries, follow the current and upcoming digital marketing trends to find new ways to excite your customers.



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