Hi guys. Today, we will talk about the top-10 free MMORPGs (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games) to play.


Star Trek Online has existed for over a decade, and it’s still going strong. The reason is simple, Cryptic studio, developers of the game, have continually updated the game over the years. The game right now has over 160 episodes to play.

The game set in the 25th century, 30 years after the events of Star Trek: Nemesis, is the first massively multiplayer online role-playing game in the Star Trek franchise.

Just like the movie, the game gives players the privilege to captain their ships. They can play as a starship, controlling the ship’s engineering.

If you are a fan of the Star Trek franchise and haven’t given this game a try, it’s okay to say you have been sleeping on a moving bike.


Path of Exile is among the few free-to-play games that can confidently boast of commercial success while satisfying the needs of the gaming community.

Believe is when we say this is not an easy feat to achieve.

Among the coolest features of this game is how limitless character customization is. Players have plenty of missions to tackle solo or with friends.

The game offers players the opportunity to control a single player from an overhead perspective. You can freely mingle in encampments as well as freely explore an isolated map.


If you are a comic fanatic or a DC fan, then the DC universe should top your list.

The game based on the fictional superheroes and villains in the DC Universe features players creating characters from scratch or inspired by famous DC characters such as Superman and the lies.

The game set in a fictional universe with superheroes and villains was co-published by Daybreak Game Company and WB Games.

One cool feature of the DC universe is the players’ ability to create new and original characters that interact with DC Comics’ iconic heroes and villains.

Players will also choose their character’s faction (hero or villain), gender (male or female), body type, personality, movement mode, weapon, and power. We guess this allows you to recreate your personality in character. There is also the option of using pre-built templates inspired by some DC characters to expedite the character creation process.

Once your character is ready, you get thrown into the world of DC Universe online with the first experience of having to fight your way out of a Brainiac spaceship.


When it comes to creating dope MMORPGs, NCSOFT, the creators of Aion online seems to head this department.

Aion revolves around battles within the Balaurea and Abyss. AION is a free-to-play MMORPGs built on the CryEngine and set in a fascinating fantasy world. The game is tightly rooted in a post-cataclysm world that has been torn apart by two warring races.

To begin the game, players need to select their classes, followed by them being tossed into a fast-paced combat world.

The game is an enjoyable and beautiful title from the get-go, even if it does take you a while to earn young wings.


For a lot of online gamers, Dungeons and Dragons have always been the tabletop game they play secretly.

D&D, like it is popularly called, is a game with extensive customization built into the framework. D&D features more classes than most MMORPGs.

This game is normally played indoors with the participants seated at a tabletop. Each player controls only a single character, which represents an individual in a fictional setting.

Players can also work as a group, with each member having their specialty, which contributes to the whole gameplay’s success.

D&D makes it possible for players to direct their actions as well.

The game isn’t an eyesore compared to most games in the same class. It is rather visually captivating.


Cryptic Studios developed the free-to-play online game. Neverwinter is actually a standalone game and not part of the Neverwinter night series. It is based on the acclaimed Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game.

If you are searching for a game with epic stories, action combat, and classic role-playing, then you need to get on the Neverwinter bandwagon. It is the perfect game for courageous heroes looking to have a go into the fantastic world of Neverwinter.

The game, which is set in a time when the eponymous city is plunged into chaos after the disappearance of the last Lord, is a fast-paced combat game. Neverwinter nails every concept of what an action MMO should look like.


Just like the books and the movie, the Lord of the Rings online contains a wealth of content. The places you go to in the game are diverse and eclectic as they are in the various books.

Want to know about the storyline of this game? All we can say is, it’s still epic even though critics have described it as a world of warcraft reap off.

A lot of the gameplay in Lord of the Rings Online is similar to the MMORPG format, where players control a character avatar that can be moved around the game world and interact with both players and non-player characters.

Also, characters gain their levels by earning points from defeating enemies and completing quests. Unlike other role-playing video games, the equivalent of health points in the Lord of the Rings Online is Morale, which can be gotten via food, rest, music, and battle cries.

In an event where a character’s Morale reaches zero in combat, the character is declared as defeated.

Characters are also allowed to master up to three professions.

Another fun thing in this game is that players can also customize the look of their characters by using the cosmetic system. And not only can players choose their character names, but they can also choose their titles.

# 8: TERA

Tera has been declared as one of the most dynamic and pleasing combat systems in the history of MMORPGs. Offering a diverse assortment of characters and classes, from the giant bred Amani to the adorable Popori, the characters are a joy to look at.

Tera has typical MMORPGs features such as crafting, player versus player action, and questing.

Another excellent feature of this game is its use of a real-time battle system that incorporates a third-person camera view.

This game requires players to engage in various fleet-footed maneuvers as they dodge and jab at opponents.

Tera is now available on PC, PS4, and Xbox 1.

# 9: RIFT

This is another fantastic game from the stable of Trion Worlds. The game was declared one of the most stable and expansive MMOs when it first launched plays like an imitation of World of Warcraft.

According to critics, the early game quests are boring, but if you manage to go deeper into the game, you will find out how exciting Rift is.

But this criticism has not stopped the game from being successful following the announcement from Trion that the game has garnered 1 million players.

Rift has continued to record more successes following its launch of the first progression server called Rift Prime.

One of this game’s best features is its flexible and immersive class system allowing players to choose one of two opposing factions, followed by one of six races.

Another interesting fact about Rift is that players can take on three souls at the same time, which function like subclasses.

Rift launched its free-to-play in the year 2013, but to also make money, a paid expansion titled Starfall Prophesy was released in the year 2016.

# 10: DEFIANCE 2050

Defiance 2050 set on a terraformed Earth several years into the future is a science fiction-themed persistent world online third-person shooter game.

The game includes four main characters who are from four different origins. These characters are veterans, a group of soldiers who survive the pale wars, the outlaws, criminals who raid and destroy fortunes, the machinist who are scavengers, and the survivalists who are humans aliens who try to survive in the newly formed world.

With great ideas like the third-person shooting and dynamic boss encounters that would eventually find a home in destiny, credit must be given to Trion Worlds for its commitment to the Defiance universe.

The original game started as a premium title, and in balancing and adjusting it for 2050, character transfers didn’t make the cut, sadly.

But not to worry, when you lay your hands on the Defiance 2050 game, you will be able to access certain aspects of your original game account.


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