What makes a good hotel? What makes a bad hotel? What are the basics you consider when booking a hotel?

When we go to stay at a hotel it’s usually because we’re on vacation and we want to pamper ourselves a little. So, let’s get to the straight- we all want to stay in a good hotel. And, for this, we all need to know about what makes a good hotel and what makes a bad hotel. 

So, you are out on the lookout for a hotel to spend few nights at but don’t know which one to choose?

Well, first of all, it’s important you understand what separates a good hotel from a poor one. You already know “you get what you pay for.” Well, let us tell you that this applies perfectly in the situation.

But this is not to say that you should pick an expensive hotel when you are on a low budget. There are many aspects that contribute to whether it will end up being good or bad for you – it could be the location, the price, or even its popularity with other travelers.

What Makes A Good Hotel?

So what makes a good hotel? What are some of the main factors that lead to a good spot to stay during traveling? Read now…

1. Convenient Location

If you are searching for a decent hotel to stay in, the first thing you should check for is its location. It should be located in a convenient location that is simple to get to.

2. Great Service

The second thing you check for is the level of service provided by the personnel. For example, whether or not your request is accepted without delay? Do they meet your criteria and meet your needs?

3. Perfect Amenities

You should check what types of amenities you can get in the rooms. For example, if they provide free WiFi, breakfast, and so on. Also, you must check whether or not they have a private bathroom in the rooms.

4. General Cleanliness

The next thing you check for is the room you are staying in. You should check for general cleanliness, the quality of the bedding, and other basic amenities that come with it. Also, make sure the shower works properly and is clean.

5. No Hidden or Extra Charges

The last thing you check for is whether or not there are extra charges imposed on you. For example, if they charge money to use the pool and so on. So, it is important to check the fine print and ensure you understand everything before signing a contract.

What Makes A Bad Hotel?

So what makes a bad hotel? What are some of the main factors that lead to a bad spot to stay during travel? Let’s read on:

1. Unprofessional Service

The first sign of a poor hotel is unfriendly and unprofessional service. Properly-trained employees who know how to treat clients well are important to have.

2. Uncomfortable Accommodations

Uncomfortable accommodations include things like stains on bedsheets and angry housekeepers, all of which may ruin your trip. It’s important that you stay somewhere that feels comfortable and relaxing.

3. Lack of Amenities or Services

Lack of amenities and services is also a sign of a bad one. For example, did you know that the service providers should provide irons and ironing boards to their guests? Avoid hotels with poor amenities – no matter how little it can cost you.

4. Poor Food and Drink Options

The last sign of a bad hotel is poor food and drink options. If there is no decent restaurant or bar in the area, for example, you will not be able to get a quality snack if you get hungry. You have to rely on that poor food – so choose to avoid hotels with poor food options. 

By all means, know what makes a good hotel and what makes a bad hotel to enjoy your trip!

Now that you know what makes a good and bad hotel, it is time to go and find some new places to stay!

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