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test prep

Test Preparation Service

With our test preparation services, you’ll be exposed to strategies that strengthen your skill-set so that you can walk into any exam, confident and prepared to handle any situation.

Test Prep that Really Works

Being able to perform your best in a tightly controlled testing environment is a challenge we understand.

Better Method

Together we will work extensively on developing and mastering all the requisite math, critical reading, grammar, and writing skills needed for success, alongside test taking strategies that have been proven to raise scores by helping to eliminate common mistakes and provide more opportunities to select correct answers.

Test Prep Services

1. SAT
2. ACT
3. AP Exam Prep
4. SAT Subject Test – Math Level 1
5. SAT Subject Test – Math Level 2
6. SAT Subject Test – Physics

One on one tutoring

Dr. Doug Leber offers an elite, one-on-one performance-centric program that gets results. We analyze and target your most productive learning style, create a program that plays to your strengths